HAMMER s.r.l. is amongst the few companies in this field that has the strength of constant research and development of new technologies, materials, heat treatment and demolition systems. This aspect allows the Company to lead in the field of demolition and achieve excellence that has always been one of its key points in development strategy.

The strongest evidence of this strategy is the new Serie HS, combining simplicity and innovation summing up the outstanding power characteristics with reliability and productivity upon the success of the Serie HP.

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The Hammer s.r.l. Customer Servicing is organized and efficient in providing timely interventions that reduce the cost of downtime.

Hammer s.r.l. large stock of spare parts provides the immediate availability of any component that can be delivered in short time everywhere in the world.

Hammer s.r.l. organizes technical update courses for all authorized dealers who thus become familiar with the product and are able to operate directly.

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